The Crucified God: Reflections from Moltmann on Good Friday

“At the core of Christianity we find the history of the man from Nazareth. Through forgiveness of sins, liberating miracles, and signs of hope he proclaimed that the kingdom of God had come near to the poor, the sinner, the outcast, and the victims of discrimination. he entered into the way of suffering and was killed as a blasphemer, as a threat to national security, and, on the cross, as one abandoned by God… This is the one in whom the future of God and of man’s freedom became flesh. At the core of Christianity we find, at the same time, the history of the God who humiliated himself, who became man, who took upon himself the suffering of inhumanity, and who died in the Godforsakenness of the cross.”

“The Godforsaken Son of God takes the eternal death of the forsaken and the damned upon himself in order to become God of the forsaken and brother of the damned. Every person damned and forsaken by God can, in the crucified one, experience community with God.”

“Where people suffer because they love, God suffers in them and they suffer in God.  Where this God suffers the death of Jesus and thereby demonstrates the power of his love, there people also find the power to remain in love despite pain and death, becoming neither bitter nor superficial. They gain the power of affliction and can hold fast to the end.”

Jurgen Moltmann, “The Crucified God and the Apathetic Man,” The Experiment Hope.



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