You should all come.

Cornerstone University Society for Philosophy

The schedule is finally here! As you can see from our list of papers, it will prove to be an excellent discussion. Indeed, with presenters from California to Ohio, we have received a much greater response than we had expected for an inaugural conference. We look forward to seeing you there! This is a map of campus–all sessions will take place in the same building (Bolthouse/Faber). Here is the schedule. It will be updated with further information as we get closer to the event (forgive the obtrusive formatting; it looks much better in a word document):

TCPT: The Politics of Discipleship

Conference Schedule Expanded*

Friday, April 20

3:00 PM: Registration/Tables Open

3:45 PM: Opening Remarks/Prayer Kyle Bos
Bolthouse 100

4:00 PM: Plenary Session I

Speaker: Prof. James K.A. Smith
Title: “Philosophy in the Service of Discipleship”
Chair: Jazz Salo
Bolthouse 100

5:30 PM: Dinner

6:30 PM: Plenary Session II

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