Isaiah 5:1-7

I admit, it took over two hours of translating work for me to “get it”.

Let me sing to my beloved,
a song to my beloved for his vineyard,
there is a vineyard
(belonging) to my beloved on                        a slope of oil [idiom]

And he tilled it,
And he unstoned it,
And he planted it (with) choice vine,
And he built  a tower in its middle,
And                a wine vat
he carved in it,

And he waited to process grapes,
But it                    processed grape frauds,

Now, Jerusalem (is) dwelling,
And, Judah (is like) a man

Judge between me
and between my vineyard,

What is left to do to my vineyard,
That I did not do to it (already)?
Why did I wait to process grapes,
That it                   processed grape-frauds?

Now, may I make known to you
that which I did to my vineyard,

Remove its hedges so it will be for destruction,
Break its walls so it will be for a trampling,
And I will make it destroyed,
Not will it be trimmed,
Not will it be hoed,
May thorns climb and bramble
Against it I will command stormclouds not to rain upon it (any) rain

For a vineyard of Yahweh of hosts was the house of Israel,
And the man of Judah
Was a plantation of delights,

But he waited for justice
But there was bloodshed,
for righteousness
But there was outcry….


One comment on “Isaiah 5:1-7

  1. Seth Horton says:

    My spacing to explicate parallelism has not all survived WordPress.

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