When will love win…?

Schools are economically segregated to equip wealthy students to become wealthy, and poor students to be poor.

This claim is supported by an (admittedly cursory) analysis of demographic and educational data for schools in Kent County, Michigan. East Grand Rapids (Median Family Income, $105,299; 96.37% White, 0.17% Black) and Forest Hills (Median Family Income, $102,686; 92.90% White, 1.63% Black; http://proximityone.com/sd_mi.htm Based on ACS 2009 Five year estimates) boast high schools in the 96.7th (EGR), 93.7th (FHS) and 97.4th (FHS) percentile according to standardized achievement measures (michigan.gov/mde). Grand Rapids (Median Family Income, $46,521; 68.29% White, 19.97% Black, 16.54% Hispanic) has high schools in the 17.4th, 13.5th, 6.2nd, and 4.5th percentile (excluding City High which is reserved for the “academically talented and highly motivated”).  Love can’t win soon enough.


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