Yes, they are teaching sex education in neighborhood schools.

Some commentary on the above film.

  • The implications of this film can be overstated.  Even with the numerous videos released by Live Action that do (in my estimation) reveal a pattern, undoubtedly the Live Action crew has been in centers that have responded appropriately.  Live Action has no obligation or motivation to release those films.  But we cannot assume that every Planned Parenthood employee is an accomplice to child sex trafficking.
  • These videos cannot prove that Planned Parenthood has aided any actual criminals.  But, considering the size of the slave trade in the United States, one does have to wonder where all those children are being treated and where they are getting birth control. . . And the fear of bad publicity prevents other clinics from helping actual pimps, an indisputable good has resulted from these films.
  • Similar tactics are used by Planned Parenthood against pregnancy care centers to catch them failing to comply with local, state and federal regulations.  There is a organized, and funded program to attack non-profit centers.  Yet they call for the demonization of these “cynical political attacks” by a non-profit novice film crew against their billion dollar corporation.
  • The response by Planned Parenthood has been telling.  Obviously, they had to fire the woman in this video.  That action doesn’t demonstrate a commitment to integrity.  It was a simple choice.  A right choice, but not really an option for them.  However, they have been far more concerned with putting and end to these hidden cameras than they have been with making sure similar actions are not being done elsewhere.  The actions in this video, the other posted two days later, and numerous ones in the past telling (acting) under-aged girls to lie about the age of their partner all demonstrate a need for a formal review internally and by an outside party.
  • The disinterest of women’s rights advocates has been appalling.  Planned Parenthood has so successfully painted themselves as an advocate of women’s liberation that no organization dares speak out against them.
  • It is about MONEY!  It is about population control.  If clients know abuse and prostitution and rape will be reported in all instances, they will lose paying customers.   Pregnancy care centers, on the other hand, make no money on client visits (even for paid services) therefore they have no incentive to lie about violence.
  • John Caputo makes me mad! (See What Would Jesus Deconstruct 112-116)

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