My Confession on Revelation as of November 5, 2010

I believe God has revealed Himself in the physical world leaving humans with no excuse for rejecting Him.[i] He has accomplished this through the glory of the natural world[ii] and the creation of humans who bear His Image.[iii] All knowledge comes from the fear of God,[iv] but since humans have sinned against God,[v] their condition required additional special revelation from God so they could know their obligations to Him[vi] and understand His revelation in creation.[vii]

I believe, therefore, God revealed Himself in His Incarnate Word, Christ Jesus.[viii] Christ, in whom dwelt the fullness of the Father,[ix] showed the glory of the Father,[x] displayed the works of the Father,[xi] gave knowledge of grace and truth,[xii] imaged the invisible God,[xiii] and demonstrated the love of God.[xiv]

I believe, also, God reveals Himself in His written Word, the Bible, so humans can know Him.[xv] The Bible was written by humans in human language[xvi] and has been divinely preserved[xvii] in the canon of the protestant churches.  The authors of these scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the authoritative revelation of God.[xviii] Therefore, the message of the Bible, as it has been preserved, is entirely true[xix] and without error as a whole and in all of its parts.[xx] This truth is observed only by the work of the Holy Spirit.[xxi] Further, the Bible is the final authority for the Church and the Faithful in all matters pertaining to living a life of godliness[xxii] and is the only verbal revelation of God for them today.  While the possibility of additional revelation from God is not denied by Scripture, any claims to such should be stated cautiously with the greatest reverence[xxiii] and measured carefully by Scripture.[xxiv] The Bible clearly,[xxv] accurately, and uniformly[xxvi] reveals the character and will of God and is sufficient for all matters of teaching and practice in the Church.[xxvii] The Bible has not and will not cease[xxviii] to execute God’s power by causing the faith of the believers,[xxix] giving hope to the believers,[xxx] reviving those who seek Him,[xxxi] judging the intentions of every human heart,[xxxii] giving wisdom to fools,[xxxiii] and by guiding humans away from sin.[xxxiv]

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