A Dirty Story

God rewards those who do what is good. He created the earth and all that is in it to glorify Himself by revealing Himself to His creation for its exquisite enjoyment. To the amazement of all the dumb animals, He chose to take dirt and fashion creatures who, like Him, could speak and create; they were said to bear His image in maleness and femaleness together. They delighted in all his good gifts. Everything they knew and enjoyed came from the God who had made them.

God did not allow His creatures to experience the fullness of His wisdom. They cannot explain the terrible events that followed His creative activities. Recognizing that God had withheld the fullness of His wisdom, a certain deluding creature was permitted to speak to those created from the dirt—from the humus. Having realized that there was more to God than He had revealed to them, these humans despised God’s wisdom and rebelled against His authority. In His grace, God gave death to these humans, returning them to the dirt so as to limit the extent of their guile.

God did not stop teaching His favored creatures, and they soon learned to make instruments, build houses, tend the dumb animals, and bring produce from the dirt. They gathered in great cities to collectively accomplish great things. Marveling at their greatness, they created idols in their own image to glorify themselves. Rejecting the knowledge of God, they planted their faces in the dirt before their gods. Throughout history, humans have never wearied of crafting endless, perverse variations of themselves to be worshipped. Every human created by God has joined in this frivolity, never seeking after God to do what is good, always racing toward their own damnation.

God never stopped revealing Himself to His favored creatures, and they never stopped to listen. There were some whom God delighted to confront so directly they could not help but hear Him, but they were so wicked and vile God drove them from His presence, consistently calling them to remain. So God took some dirt and became it. He walked among them and they beheld the glorious Son of God. He healed them. He taught them. He loved them. I hated him. I killed him. God died.

God raised His Son from the dead. He called from the earth a people after His name—the Christians. He scattered these people like fertilizer, to bring forth fruit. Rather than leaving me in my angry stupor, He also delighted to call me as his own into His people. He permitted me to know Him and to bear His name. Before, I could do no good. Now, I can do those good things for which I was designed before the foundations of the earth. All that I know, I know by His grace. All that I do, I do with his forgiveness. He has lifted me from miry clay.

God will not tolerate the rebellion of humans forever. One day, the Son will return and judge them for their great wickedness. And every person will fulfill their created purpose, glorifying God and confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord. Some will do this with endless delight and enjoyment fully satisfied and ever longing to remain in His presence, forever discovering the meaning of life. Others will do this in hate and terror trembling before the True God until they are cast out into utter darkness to be immediately consumed, forever longing to be naught but dirt and ashes.


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