The Maiden Voyage.

Less than two weeks ago I declined invitations to join the blogging world after my Facebook note, “On the Kingdom.” I wryly said, “You at least need a degree before you get a blog, otherwise your a pompous, arrogant elitist.” While I don’t actually think that to be true, were it to be so, I would have no excuse to not have a blog. According to my girlfriend’s first impression of me I am a self perceived know-it-all. Hopefully you will allow me at least a second impression.

I highly doubt the need for another blog. However, since I am too immersed in books and papers to have genuine human discourse, I might as well join this new realm of dialogue.

You will soon find my preferred subjects to circle around the interaction between contemporary postmodern discourse, biblical exegesis, and the incorporation of them into the stuffiness of life.

Here is my best quote of myself recently; “There is so much goofiness in…everything.”

I really doubt there needs to be another blog floating about the internet.


One comment on “The Maiden Voyage.

  1. rosesinjanuary says:

    Ha. Hahahaha.
    I love your girlfriend.

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